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Sapa Sapro (Sapanapro) was established in 2007 with the mission of developing and expanding the model of “community enterprise” in the northern mountainous area with the solution of commercialization of articles. Traditional medicine of Dao Red people.Sapanapro’s main activities are: Organizing local bathing and bathing services for tourists and local people; Manufacture of in-store medicines and distribution at other agents; Implementing activities to preserve medicinal plants and preserve knowledge about medicinal plants in general and medicinal plants in particular, including training for the members of the company and developing a strategy for planning raw material areas.

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Aspirational fund

The Hope Foundation, set up in September 2012, is a collection of people who have a loving, compassionate and infinite heart for the purpose of providing material and spiritual support to poor students. It is a very difficult situation, encourages poor students to have aspirations and organizes orientation training activities, skills for the children to help them shape the beautiful minds to promote their sense of well-being. the future of the children and the country later.

Kym Viet

Kym Viet social enterprise, with the mission to help the disabled community, has provided vocational training for deaf people to bring handmade products such as bags, blankets, pillows, children toys, … extremely poisono

Life Art

Area:Việt Nam

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Social Enterprise was founded by two young women working in Hanoi to help young people in difficult circumstances. YESD is expert in on-demand tour design with local flavors to help the community and visitors. YESD works in two main areas: non-formal education and sustainable tourism. Since 2015, YESD has started this project by studying the living conditions of disadvantaged youth for better support. and meet their needs.